Depalletizer / Palletizer

Our depalletisers are specially designed for pushing off layers of industrially palletised empty packs. We also offer magnetic plate palletisers/depalletisers as a complete unit for filled, sealed packs. With our solutions you can optimise the destacking process of empty glass or empty can pallets with subsequent buffer section, separation and downward conveying. Discover the advantages of our products and increase the efficiency of your production line. Niko - quality and precision you can trust.


For pushing off of industrial empty containers in layers.

Magnetic Plate Depalletizer / Palletizer

As a complete unit for filled, closed containers.

Air Cleaner

Our container blow-out machines are specially designed for removing foreign bodies of all kinds and are suitable for glass, sheet metal, plastic and cardboard containers. With our solutions, you can ensure that your products are always in perfect condition. We offer various models, including the pack blow-out machine for safe transport through straight stretches and the pack blow-out machine with downward conveyor, which enables downward conveying and blowing out in one step.

Air Cleaner

Safe transport through straight lines.

Air Cleaner (downward conveying)

Downward conveying and blowing out in one operation.

Pasteurizer / Cooler / Warmer

Whether you are in the canning, delicatessen or beverage industry, our equipment is ideal for pasteurising filled, sealed containers. With our tunnel coolers, you can efficiently cool hot-filled products in various packages. And if you need to warm up cold-filled products, our tunnel warmers are the perfect solution. We also offer laboratory pasteurisers for heating and cooling processes in food or similar products.


For pasteurizing filled and closed containers for the Canning industry, Delicatessen industry and Beverage industry.


For heating cold-filled products in various forms of packaging such as bottles, jars or cans.


For recooling hot-filled products in packaging made of glass, tinplate, aluminum, plastic or cardboard composite material.

Labor Pasteurizer

For carrying out heating and cooling processes in food or similar products.


Our pack transport machines are ideal for conveying jars, bottles, cans and film bags in filling and packaging lines. With our buffer tables, you can accumulate and buffer jars, bottles or cans during short machine stops or minor malfunctions. In addition, we offer product transport solutions for conveying lumpy or pourable products, tailored to your specific tasks and requirements.

Container Transport

For conveying glasses, bottles, cans and foil bags in filling and packaging lines.

Buffer Table

For damming and buffering jars, bottles or cans in filling and packaging lines during short machine stops or minor malfunctions.

Washing and Drying Machines

Our produce washers are ideal for cleaning chunky produce such as cucumbers, potatoes, celery and similar products. They can be used as individual components or in combination. Our container washing machines are specially designed for washing sealed containers such as canning jars and cans. In addition, we offer drying tunnels for blowing off containers such as jars, cans, cups, soft packs, tubular bags and more.

Container Washing Machine

For washing sealed containers such as jars and cans.

Drying Machine

For blowing off containers such. As glasses, cans, cups, soft packs, tubular bags, etc..

Special Machines

Discover our special machines on, which have been specially developed for your individual needs. Our robot palletiser is ideal for formatting packs with subsequent packing into autoclave cages. Find out how we can optimise your production processes with our special machines.

Robot Palletizing

For formatting containers with subsequent packing in autoclave cages.

Automatic Can Turner

After filling and closing, the cans are rotated 180°.

Washing Machine for sealed containers

Before labeling and packaging, the containers are washed and dried at the end of the system.

Movable Blower Nozzle

The blow-off nozzle is arranged over the entire width of the pasteuriser outlet. The height of the nozzle can be adjusted automatically to suit the container.

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