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Responsible body in terms of data protection laws is:

Niko Nahrungsmittel – Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Wevelinghoven 28
41334 Nettetal


In this privacy statement Niko Nahrungsmittel-Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG ( "we","our"Or"the enterprise") His approach to the data collected by users that appear on our website ( "website") Or otherwise provide us with personally identifiable information (collectively:"user"), Dar.
Competent authority within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO):
Country Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
North Rhine-Westphalia
PO Box 20 04 44
40102 Dusseldorf.
user rights

You have the following rights:
  1. A confirmation of whether and to what extent your personal data is used and processed, as well as requesting access to the personal data stored about you and additional information
  2. Request a copy of the personal information you voluntarily provided to us in a structured, common and machine-readable format
  3. Request a correction of the personal information we have stored about you
  4. Request the deletion of your personal data
  5. The processing of your personal data by us contradict
  6. Request the restriction of the processing of your personal data by us
  7. Submit a complaint to a regulatory agency
Keep in mind, however, that these rights are not unlimited, but subject to our own legitimate interests and regulatory requirements.
If you would like to avail yourself of any of the rights listed here or would like further information, please contact our IT and Data Protection contact:
Thorsten Küppers
(Contact IT and data protection)
Tel .: 49 (0) 2153 / 9142-0


We will retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide our services, to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our policies. Retention periods depend on the type of data collected and the purpose for which it was collected, taking into account both case-specific circumstances and the need to erase obsolete unused information as soon as possible. We store records of Customer's personal information, account setups, communications and other information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
We may, at any time and in our sole discretion, correct, complete or remove incomplete or incorrect data.

Basis for data collection

The processing of your personal data (ie any data that allows you to identify yourself by reasonable means; "personal data") Is required to fulfill our contractual obligations to you and to provide you with our services, protect our legitimate interests, and comply with the legal and financial regulatory obligations to which we are subject.
In accordance with Art. 13 GDPR, we inform you about the legal basis of our data processing. For users within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), ie the EU and the EEC, unless the legal basis in the data protection declaration is mentioned, the following applies:
The legal basis for obtaining consent is Article 6 (1) and Article 7 GDPR;
The legal basis for the processing for the performance of our services and the execution of contractual measures as well as the response to inquiries is Art. 6 (1) GDPR;
The legal basis for the processing to fulfill our legal obligations is Article 6 (1) GDPR;
In the event that vital interests of the data subject or any other natural person require the processing of personal data, Art. 6 (1) GDPR serves as the legal basis.
The legal basis for the processing required to carry out a task in the public interest or in the exercise of public authority delegated to the controller is Article 6 (1) of the GDPR.
The legal basis for processing in order to safeguard our legitimate interests is Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR.
The processing of data for purposes other than those for which they were collected is governed by the provisions of Article 6 (4) GDPR.
The processing of special categories of data (pursuant to Art. 9 (1) GDPR) is governed by the provisions of Art. 9 (2) GDPR.
By using this site, you consent to the collection, storage, use, disclosure and other use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.
Please read the Privacy Policy carefully before making any decisions.

Which data is collected?

We collect two types of data and information from users.
The first category includes non-identifying and unidentifiable user data provided or collected through use of the website ("Non-personal data"). We do not know the identity of the user from whom non-personal information was collected. Non-personal information that may be collected includes aggregate usage data and technical data transmitted by your device, including certain information regarding software and hardware (eg, browser used on the device and operating system used, language setting, access time, etc .). We use this data to improve the functionality of our website. We may also collect data about your activity on the website (eg, viewed pages, surfing behavior, clicks, actions, etc.).
Belong to the second category personal data that is, data that identifies or identifies an individual through appropriate action. Such data include:
  • Device Data: We collect personal information from your device. Such data includes geolocation data, IP address, unique identifiers (such as MAC address and UUID), as well as other data resulting from your activity on the website.
  • Registration data: When you register on our website, you will be asked to provide certain information, such as: B .: First and last name, e-mail address or address or other information.

How do we get data about you?

We obtain your personal information from various sources:
  • You provide us with such data voluntarily, for example when registering on our website.
  • We receive such information when you use our website or access it in connection with any of our services.

How is the data used? Who is the data shared with?

We do not share User Data with third parties except as described in this Privacy Policy.
We use data for the following purposes:
  • To communicate with you (sending notice regarding our services, providing technical information and, if necessary, processing customer service requests)
  • For information about new service
In addition to the various uses listed above, we may also share personally identifiable information with our affiliates, affiliates and subcontractors.
We may also disclose data if we are in good faith, which is helpful or appropriate to: comply with applicable laws, regulations, lawsuits, or regulatory inquiries; enforce our policies (including our agreement) and, if applicable, investigate possible violations; investigate, detect, prevent or take action against illegal activities or other misconduct, suspected fraud or security issues; assert or enforce our own legal claims or defend us against the claims of others; to protect the rights, property or our safety, the safety of our users, your safety or the safety of third parties; or to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and / or to protect intellectual property or other legal rights.

We and our partners use cookies to provide appropriate services. This also applies if you visit our website or access our services.
A "cookie" is a small piece of data that is associated with your device when visiting a website from this website. Cookies are useful and can be used for different purposes. These include z. These include easier navigation between different pages, automatic activation of certain functions, saving your settings and optimized access to our services. The use of cookies also allows us to show you relevant, tailored advertisements and to collect statistical information about your use of our services.

This website uses the following types of cookies:

a. "Session cookies" that ensure normal system usage. Session cookies are stored for a limited time during a session and are deleted from your device when you close your browser.
b. "Persistent cookies ", Which are read only by the web page and are not deleted when closing the browser window, but are stored on your computer for a certain period of time. This type of cookie allows us to identify you on your next visit and, for example, save your settings.
c. "Third-party Cookies" that are set by other online services that have their own content on the page you are visiting. This can z. For example, external web analytics companies that collect and analyze access to our website.
Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information that identifies you, but we may link the personal information we hold to the information contained in the cookies. You can remove cookies through the device settings of your device. Follow the appropriate instructions. Please note that disabling cookies may restrict certain functions when using our website.
The tool we use is based on the technology of Snowplow Analytics , To For example, the information we collect about the use of our website includes how often users visit the site or which areas are accessed. The tool we use does not collect personally identifiable information and is used by our web hosting provider and service provider solely to improve our offerings.
Using Script Libraries (Google Web Fonts)

To make our content appear correctly and graphically appealing in every browser, we use script and font libraries such as Google Web Fonts ( Google Web fonts are transferred to your browser's cache, so they only need to be loaded once. If your browser does not support or deny Google Web Fonts, the content will be displayed in a standard font.
  • When calling script or font libraries, we automatically connect to the owner of the library. There is theoretically the possibility for this operator to collect data. At present it is not known whether and for what purpose the operators of the respective libraries actually collect data.
  • Here are the privacy policies of the Google Library operator:,

Microsoft cloud services

We leverage Microsoft's cloud and cloud software services (such as Microsoft Office) for the following purposes: document storage and management, calendar management, e-mailing, spreadsheets and presentations, sharing documents, content and information with specific recipients or publishing web pages, forms or other content and information as well as chats and participation in audio and video conferencing.
Here, the personal data of the users are processed, as far as they become part of the documents and contents processed within the described services or are part of communication processes. This may include, for example, master data and contact data of users, data on transactions, contracts, other processes and their contents. Microsoft also processes usage data and metadata used by Microsoft for security and service optimization purposes.
When using publicly available documents, web pages or other content, Microsoft may save cookies on users 'computers for the purposes of web analysis or to remember users' settings.
We use Microsoft cloud services based on our legitimate interests. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO on efficient and secure administrative and cooperation processes. Further, processing is based on a contract processing contract with Microsoft.
For more information, see the Microsoft Privacy Policy ( and the Microsoft Cloud Services Security Advisory ( ). You may object to the processing of your data in the Microsoft Cloud us according to the legal requirements. In addition, the deletion of the data within Microsoft's cloud services is determined by the remainder of the processes in which the data is processed (eg, deletion of data that is no longer required for purposes of the contract or required for taxation purposes).
The Microsoft Cloud Services are offered by Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA. As far as processing of data into the US takes place, we refer to Microsoft's certification under the Privacy Shield (

This policy covers only the use and disclosure of any information we collect from you. If you post data to other websites or disclose them to others on the internet, other terms may apply. Therefore, always read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully when disclosing information.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to business practices of companies that we do not own or control, or to anyone other than our employees and employees, including third parties to whom we disclose this information as described in this Privacy Policy.

How do we protect your data?

We use the security measures on the website with great care and protect your data. We comply with legal requirements, taking into account the state of the art, the implementation costs and the nature, scope, circumstances and purposes of the processing as well as the different likelihood and severity of the risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, appropriate technical and organizational Measures to ensure a level of protection appropriate to the risk.
Measures include, in particular, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data by controlling physical access to the data, as well as their access, input, disclosure, availability and disconnection. In addition, we have established procedures to ensure the enjoyment of data subject rights, the erasure of data and the response to data compromise. Furthermore, we consider the protection of personal data already in the development, or selection of hardware, software and procedures, according to the principle of data protection through technology design and privacy-friendly default settings.
Cooperation with contract processors, jointly responsible persons and third parties, sIf, in the context of our processing, we disclose data to other persons and companies (contract processors, joint controllers or third parties), transmit them to them or otherwise grant them access to the data, this is done only on the basis of a legal permission (eg if the data is transmitted to third parties, such as payment service providers, to fulfill the contract), users have consented to a legal obligation to do so or on the basis of our legitimate interests (eg the use of agents, webhosters, etc.).
Insofar as we disclose data to other companies in our group, convey it or otherwise grant access to it, this is done in particular for administrative purposes as a legitimate interest and, moreover, on a basis that complies with the legal requirements.
Although we take reasonable steps to protect data, we can not be held responsible for the actions of those who have accessed or misused our Web Site and we make no express or implied warranty that we have such access can prevent.

Transmission of data outside the European Economic Area

Note that some beneficiaries may not be based in the European Economic Area. If this is the case, we will only submit your data to countries with adequate data protection levels approved by the European Commission, or ensure an adequate level of data protection through a legal agreement.

We may use your personally identifiable information, such as your name, email address, phone number, etc., yourself or forward it to an outside subcontractor to provide you with promotional material about our services that you may be interested in.
We respect your right to privacy. Therefore, these marketing materials always give you the opportunity to unsubscribe from further submissions. When you sign out, your email address or phone number will be removed from our marketing mailing lists.
Please note that even after unsubscribing from receiving our marketing emails, we will continue to send you emails containing important information that does not contain a opt-out option. These include maintenance messages or administrative notifications.

Administration, financial accounting, office organization, contact management

We process data in the context of administrative tasks as well as organization of our business, financial accounting and compliance with legal obligations, such as archiving. In doing so, we process the same data that we process in the course of rendering our contractual services. The processing principles are Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c. DSGVO, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO. The processing affects customers, prospects, business partners and website visitors. The purpose and interest in processing lies in administration, financial accounting, office organization, data archiving, that is, tasks that serve to maintain our business, perform our duties and provide our services. The deletion of the data with regard to contractual services and contractual communication corresponds to the information provided in these processing activities.
We disclose or transmit data to the financial administration, consultants, such as tax accountants or auditors, as well as other fee offices and payment service providers.
Furthermore, we store information on suppliers, organizers and other business partners on the basis of our business interests, eg for the purpose of contacting you later. We generally store this majority of company-related data permanently.

Deletion of data

The data processed by us will be deleted or restricted in accordance with legal requirements. Unless explicitly stated in this privacy statement, the data stored by us will be deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary for their intended purpose and the deletion does not conflict with any statutory storage requirements.
Unless the data is deleted because it is necessary for other and legally permitted purposes, its processing will be restricted. This means that the data is blocked and not processed for other purposes. This applies, for example, to data that must be kept for commercial or tax reasons.
Corporate transaction

We may disclose data in the event of a corporate transaction (such as the sale of significant parts of a business, merger, consolidation or asset sale). In the event of any of the above, the acquirer or the relevant company will assume the rights and obligations set forth in this Privacy Policy.
Updates or changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change or revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. You will find the date of the current version under "Last changed on". Your continued use of the Platform following the posting of such changes to our site constitutes your agreement to such changes to the Privacy Policy and constitutes your acceptance of the commitment to the amended terms.
How to reach us

For general questions about the site, the information we collect about you, or the use of that information, please contact us to us.
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