Inline Filler

Inline Filler

The Inline Filler was designed for small to medium production capacities. Where the filling volume of a conventional piston filler is limited, it is possible with this type of filler to fill from very small containers up to 25 liter containers. Whether liquid, pasty or products with small bulky pieces as ingredients, with our filling technology a wide range of products is applicable. As a special machinery builder we are able to design the machine according to the functional and budetory requirements of our clients. The control of the machine is realized over a HMI with touch panel, for choice of recipes, program modes, showing of notifications and other functions.
Until now up to 16 filling positions, single or double track. Production capacity container/product depenant up to 180/min. The measurement technology is either magnetic-inductive (MID) or by mass meter (Coriolis). Depending on Application and product also equippable with full-automatic cleaning procedures, connection to customer's CIP-unit provided. The machine completely consists of Cr-Ni-steel 1.4301 / 1.4404 (AISI 304/316) or any other stainless material, such as plastics, with the exception of drive and bearing components.
Possible equipment features:
  • Integrated transport conveyor with feeding worm shaft or stopper system for containers
  • Alternative: suspension construction for placing on side of customer's intermittent conveyor
  • Servo axes for precise positioning/lowering of filling lances
  • Heatable valves, hoses, flow meters and product tanks
  • Sterile air in the filling room (laminar flow)
  • Real-time correction of filling
  • Diving-in of filling lances and rerising along filling to prevent air pockets and splashing
  • Park-/CIP-station for filling lances, for automatic flushing processes
  • Possibility for remote maintenance

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