The NIKO-Program.

NIKO news 2017

  • The well-known HLF NIKO high-performance-filler for piece products in a new design

  • The NIKO In-Line-Filler with flow meter

  • Meet the filling family

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Custom-tailored to the needs of our customers:

This is what distinguishes NIKO┬┤s diverse range of products.

We produce machines and lines for the food and berverage industry. The machines and lines are designed according to the most current machinery directives and are oriented toward the principles and standards of the food industry (IFS, HACCP, ISO and CE certification). Our machines are characterised by high production efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance, and low service costs.


We provide machines for the following industries:

  • The canning industry (fruit and vegetables, fish, soups)
  • Specialty food industry (meat, ketchup, dressing, preserves)
  • Beverage industry (beer, water, juice, soft drinks)
  • Confectionery industry (chocolate spreads, tarts and cakes)
  • Snack industry (machines for conveying and packaging extruded potato crisps)